CALFA BAS is New Generation Water Treatment for cooling tower-cooling system-water chiller to save Water and Energy
"CALFA BAS" is water treatment preparation friendly to the Environment, and which Conditioner for the circular cooling system accorded in the ISO14001. "CALFA BAS" is an inorganic product, economical, safe and easy to handle with remarkable effects, replacing the management of the circular cooling water by organic compound chemicals.


Place "CLAFA BAS" at the following rate : 20ppm against the amount of the Circulating Flow Rate.


* The meaning of the refrigeration ton ( RT ) and the holding water is different. To confirm them is essential to decide the volume of CALFA "BAS". The holding water volume of the cooling tower can be calculated by confirming the ( RT ) specified on the label attached to the tower equipment, or calculate it from the volume of the calculating water ( m3 / h ,L / min).

* If a large growth of slime and algae is already existing, remember that, in some time after you have Started to use" CALFA BAS " , remove( clean )such slime and scale. Maybe, over and or down - blow, or by any other means.

*Fall "Scales" down to the bottom of your cooling towers day by day if they were fouled when you use CALFA BAS for the first time. please remove them by Hands. (Physically). Since scales never be formed from the 2nd installation anymore, the heat exchange efficiency will be good, therefore, it's able to save an energy and water remarkably.

*We would recommend you to also use CALFA SAT together to be done the synergy effect if your cooling towers have a large quantity of ALGAE, SLIME(Special Bacteria), BIOFILM. In that case, It should be better to prepare an Antifoaming agent ,because Bubbles will be generated by dying off through in a large number of bacteria (Protein , Nitrogen etc.). Your cooling tower would be REBORN as BRAND NEW!

It does not need any hard works.

* Just open a box , and immerse a cage of CALFA BAS to your a bottom of cooling towers.
(1 cage : NET 1 Kg of CALFA BAS)

* Please immerse it to the place has moderate water flow. (Not Too Fast)

* If necessary, please belt up with facilities anywhere not to flow or move by flow of water.

Application site at a leading iron manufacturer
Placement of "CALFA BAS" (Example.1)
Placement of "CALFA BAS" (Example.2)
Placement of "CALFA BAS" (Example.3)
Standard Insatllation Places
Installing CALFA SAT
If your cooling system has a "SUMP PIT"(Large-size Pool) on the circuit, It's better to prepare the following "Baskets made from Stainless Steel" or "Net made from Plastics" for saving the dosage of "CALFA BAS" and "CALFA SAT".
Since the Flow Rate of water inside PIT (Large-size Pool) is very slow, Both should open cages/bags , and put the contents into a basket directly.
Installing a Basket or Net near the Entrance pipes (within 1 m) to Suction Pumps and cooling system circuit. An appropriate concentration of CALFA BAS & CALFA SAT should be circulated to clean in PIPELINES and SYSTEMS. Adjust the same height level with the Entrance pipes to Suction Pumps such as the following.


If you have difficulty to make or find Basket or Net.You are able to make an "Instant Basket" with "Plastic Banding Bands" and "Rope" like following.
Plastic Banding Band
Fasten strongly with Pliers
Combine together alternately ,
and all of 4 corners as same
Finally, making small circle with plastic
banding bands to let rope pass
An Instant Basket with
10 Kgs of CALFA BAS
This is the most important feature , and key point to operate with CALFA BAS.
Organic Compound Chemicals

Dispersing Ca+, Mg+, Fe+, or Silica in water not to be formated SCALE.

The SCALE-componets concent-ration in water will raise in short time.
Therefore, The Water is drained by OVERBLOW ,and new water is supplied. A lot of water is used on this cycle even though you don't know.

Moreover, Large quantities of the "Mixed Organic Compound Chemicals" are added automatically more or more by injector to reach target to the concentration anytime.

It means, You spend a large quantity of water, chemicals, energy, ACID, and much more expense, and damage to your cooling systems? make environmental pollution?

(Upper water: Ultra Pure)

Ca+, Mg+, Fe+, or Silica in water will be coagulated into colloid, then into the state of sludge.

Hence, As it's fall down to the lower part, the concentration of water which lower part has will be higher. (Lower part, Higher concentration)

For Instance, Measuring the conductivity of water at Upper part would be (900 - 1,000 micro s/cm), Lower part would be 1,170 micro s - 1,500 micro s)

It's time to waste the water only at bottom one by BLOW DOWN. and removed "colloid" together, and new water supply to avoid the concentration would be TOO HIGH.

( Lower water: Coagulated to Sludge)
As LEFT picture, Mineral (Ca, Mg, Si ) that contained in water are coagulated at the bottom of a cooling tower by the difference of specific gravity.

Therefore, the level of water concentration will be high as for the lower part of sump. when using CALFA BAS, mineral in water will be coagulated from the methods of CALFA BAS , and water concentration level will be high further.

When you change water in cooling tower to decrease the number of water hardness (conductivity , concentration) , please be sure to drain water from a bottom of sump as BLOW DOWN for few minuits. (NOT OVER BLOW).

Which way is better to decrease the number of hardness(conductivity) using a small quantity of water?

A. Water is supplied from a TOP , and drains from a TOP. (OverBlow)

B. Water is supplied from a TOP , and drains from the BOTTOM. (Blow Down)

The Answer is  "B" ofcourse.

It is a simple example.

If there is 20 tons (20,000Kg) of water in water tank (capacity: 22.5 tons ). The water is "12% aqueous solution of something."

How do you decrease the number of concentration from 12% to 8% ?

In case of "OVER BLOW",
10 tons of new fresh water would be required to make it to 8%, and 7.5 tons (7,500Kg) of the waste water needs to be drained. (12% ---> 8%)

In case of "BLOW DOWN",
5 tons (5,000Kg) of 12% aqueous solution would be drained in advance. then, It will decrease the number of concentration to 8% if 7.5 tons (7,500Kg) of new fresh water would be supplied. (12% ---> 8%)

Saving "25% water" just only this.    How many times will be repeated such like this all of your cooling towers during a day?
Only the minimum waste water can be drained automatically & precisely if work of draining is made by an equipment, And this drained waste water can be used for other purpose. (Toilet's Flushing , Watering to plants, etc)

We recommend to install "Auto-BlowDown System" when using CALFA Products. We can supply you our recommended one with reasonable price if you are not able to find those on your side.

You are able to control the conductivity level between 1,000micro s/cm - 1,200micro s/cm , also drain only dirty water which not use anymore by "Auto- BlowDown System", It absolutely makes great contribution toward your SAVING ENERGY, WATER and Total Maintenance costs.

Even if you raise over 1,200micro s/cm,  or more high concentration, It shall NOT gain Big Water-Saving efficient more than you expect. also, You would be returned the initial installing cost which spent on the "Auto- Blowdown system"by saving of Electricity and water cost in several months.
As RIGHT picture, "Auto BlowDown System" (with control unit to measure the electrical conductivity in recirculating water)

Set the Control Unit as following.

Maximum : 1,200 micro s/cm (Open the valve, and drains from the BOTTOM)
Minimum : 1,000micro s/cm  (Close the valve, and supplyed new water from the TOP).

CALFA BAS & CALFA SAT are installed in this cooling tower which is operating perfectly by ideal performance with NO trouble, NO excess power and water, NO destruction of the environment.

If you would like to re-use the "water that drained automatically" for other purpose", it leads to more water saving. If you needs our Auto Blow Down System, We can supply you with reasonable price.
(SET: 1 Control Unit/ 1 Valve/ 1 Electrode/ 1 Power Supply)

We are sure this "Cooling Tower management method (CALFA BAS & SAT)" will be "GLOBAL STANDARD" in 21st century.


A LEFT picture, : Control Unit of Auto Blow Down System (CALFA BAC SYSTEM)

You can set up the maximum (1200micro s/cm) and minimum (1000micro s/cm) of electrical conductivity of the water, also easy to set the controller and to see numbers, switches, power lumps anytime from out of transparent outbox case. (Perfect Water Proof).

Just sinking a sensor into the bottom of a cooling tower, it is efficient to drain only Sludge and Useless water which condensed Ca+, Mg+ , and Chips of Silica including with small quantities of water automatically, also It helps to save water.  Moreover, You will be able to get almost "Maintenance-Free" to optimize perfect heat exchange rate of your cooling systems.

Talking about Maintenance?  Just only Electrode cleaning (once every 3 months).

Conductivity electrode surface will be attached to a layer of dirt after use for some time.
In order to keep the correct readings, it must be cleaned once every 3 months, as follows:
Electrode can be immersed in dilute hydrochloric acid wash (about 5 seconds, not soak for
too long), and then rinsed with tap water. Never use metal to scrape the electrode surface,
otherwise it will damage the electrode. (Repeat step above until dirt removed.)
Is it tough and sweat work?  Of course NOT.

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There are wide variety of "Water Separators" available in the marketplace of the world.

However, This Water Separators which named "S.E.P." has "Special Unique shape of RINGs" inside of it. The Special Unique shape of RINGs is possible to separate till 7-micron impurities (minimum). Plus, using with an agglutination reaction of CALFA BAS together, Materials of increasing Specific Conductivity such as calcium magnesium silica, iron, etc. in the circulation water remove and decrease to 10% for few days.

It does not need to replace RINGs for few years like a "Sand Filters". NO Backwash, NO PAC (polyaluminum chloride), but gives you Bigger Water Saving !

CALFA BAS’s cleaning reaction, removing Silica Scale, Scale Prevention and Anti-Corrosion effect within quipment and Pipes helps the equipment to be always kept in good condition and to achieve optimal heat exchange rate. Consequently, outstanding remarkable “Energy Saving” can be obtained. Our NEW “Water Treatment Technique” that is able to achieve “Water saving”, “Energy saving”, “Human health” and “Environmental conservation” at the same time. In future, this superior technique will be implemented in the world, and then will become the “GLOBAL STANDARD”.
TEST-1 (TYPE: PS-50)
The smallest model "PS-50 type" of Water Separator "CALFA SEP" was used, The 80g of Calcium Hydroxide solution was added in flexible vinyl test tank (800L water / 100ppm) and, circulated with a submerged pump. We did the "high concentration accelerated TEST".

It will not be high concentration in short time like this movie in an actual cooling towers case,
but The Test purpose is How much remove solids within 9 hours.

The performance of removing solids had been risen up dramatically around 3 hours later, It match the time of chemical flocculation reaction that CALFA BAS made gradually.

We used "Calcium Hydroxide" that Food Additive Grade for the Test. The 80% of the particle diameter are "10 Microns smaller" according to the Spec Sheet of Manufacturer issued and, more than 50% of the 80%, "6.6 Microns smaller".

Therefore, It's very hard to remove such a fine particulate solids (too small) without the chemical flocculation reaction of CALFA BAS make. CALFA BAS is able to dissolve Silica Scale in the water, but our challenges was

"How do we remove colloidal materials like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc. etc. which made by the chemical flocculation reaction of CALFA BAS from bottom of the cooling towers without tough work?"

"CALFA SEP" has been solved it !!

It's not realistic that high concentrated calcium comes mixed in a moment such like this test in case of actual cooling towers.
So, PS-50 Type is sufficient between 100RT to 150RT cooling tower systems that office buildings possess.
because it's the most reasonable price !

Of course You can add Auto-Ball Valve to control drain automatically. and, NO need Back Wash, NO need to replace Sands,Filters,and Cartledges, also helps Big Energy, Water saving without any trouble with CALFA BAS & CALFA SEP.




Please be careful if you install CALFA BAS & CALFA SAT to terrible BAD condition (have a large quantity of scale , bacteria , Bio Film & algae) of cooling tower systems for the First Time.

A large quantity of scale which already formated in pipes will remove as chips of scale for 1-2 months slowly after you install CALFA BAS & CALFA SAT.

So many chips of scale , or mixed viscous Bacteria might block the water circuit of pipes , Chiller, Heat Exchanger.

Therefore, It should be better to install
"Y-Fliter" in front of Chiller & Heat Exchanger to catch most of them.

It mean, Making "CATCH POINTS".

also, It helps you to clean up easily just getting off filters and wash.

The FILTER in First year after installed CALFA BAS & CALFA SAT ( year)
for terrible condition of cooling system.
The FILTER in Second year. (2.nd year)
Almost removed and cleaned up from pipes, -Not many sclae chips on Filters anymore-
As right picture, If your cooling system has "SUMP PIT" (Large-sized Pool) in front of Chiller & Heat Exchanger, It should be one of "CATCH POINT".  Removed Scale should be sank as precipitate at bottom of the SUMP PIT, and only Pure water are circulated toward to Pump and Chiller , Heat Exchanger.

What is the most important to take care this case?  It is LOCATION of the entrance pipe toward to pump and heat exchanger.  s hould NOT be located at the bottom of SUMP PIT in order not to draw chips of a scale or condensed hard water from bottom of SUMP PIT to water circuit again.

It should be drawn pure water from the MIDDLE of SUMP PIT , this is the most efficient method to catch SCALE for the first time to install.

The performance of "CALFA BAS " effects can be adequately evaluated in accordance with the CALFA Management System.

The traditional method's evaluation was based on the analysis of the water. However, in our case ,the effect of "BAS" can be measured and confirmed by observing the variation of the thermal conversion rate and the pressure in the condenser, while enabling to check the decrease of scale and slime.

The "CALFA BAS" Management Chart ("Karte") System
will be helpful for keeping records of related data, thereby results of the "CALFA BAS" effects can be eventually known to you.

1. The temperature of the cooling water :
To confirm the difference of the temperature of the cooling water at the entrance and the exit of the condenser
(Delta/T) .

2. The pressure in the condenser :
By monitoring changes in the pressure in the condenser, the effect can be confirmed.

In 30 to 40days after the placement of "CALFA BAS" , scale and rust, which had accumulated inside the pipeline, will dissolve, fall down, and mix into the circulating water. Therefore, the water will temporarily become muddy and dirty. It is one of the phenomenon of the presentation of the "CALFA BAS" effects.

Without mentioning, you can also manage this phenomenon by systematically measuring the all hardness and the conductivity. The dirty water must be refreshed by over blow or blow down. After the scale and rust which had existed in the pipeline was removed, the water will be maintained in a good condition.

Once this stage is over, you can only implement regular over blow. The "CALFA BAS" effects of reducing scale, slime, etc. in the pipeline can be easily observed by visual or instrumental inspection.