CALFA BAS is New Generation Water Treatment for cooling tower-cooling system-water chiller to save Water and Energy
"CALFA BAS" is water treatment preparation friendly to the Environment, and which Conditioner for the circular cooling system accorded in the ISO14001. "CALFA BAS" is an inorganic product, economical, safe and easy to handle with remarkable effects, replacing the management of the circular cooling water by organic compound chemicals.

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Daily Life Water
Watering plantations, Roof gardens,Toilet flashing,Water for fire protection in the event of fire, Washing hands, bath in the emergency cases. It does not mean "Drinkable". so Please Don't Drink water in cooling tower in ordinary days.

Lot of people died and got injured in the EarthQuake M 9.0 and a very Big Tsunami which we never experienced before in Japan on Mar.11. 2011.

M9.0 marks it as the biggest earthquake ever ?
Okay, Let us mark our "Love" and "Energy" to Reconstruct as the biggest ever !