1-19-6 Tsurumi-chuo, Tsurumi-Ku,
Zip code : 230-0051
TEL : 81-45-504-1120
FAX : 81-45-501-0843

Company Profile

  CALFA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. has been an established BIO-Chemical study of the chemical processes in living organisms, chemical properties of important biological molecules, like proteins, and in particular the chemistry of enzyme reactions, and also Minerals study, like appetite as an Research and Development Organization, then supplied any specialized products for our particular clients since 1979.

  In view of wide acceptance, CALFA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. decided to go for mass production, Laboratories and Core production facilities are based in YOKOHAMA JAPAN, and Subsidiary companies, Partner companies, other any production factories in several parts of the world.  Product lines include water treatments, Bactericide, Deodorisers, Specialilzed food additive to keep fresh foods or sea foods, raw ingredients of medicine, cosmetics, also has Plastic additive Division for High polymer products.

 Product ranges of CALFA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. are developed and manufactured based on the company policy and the concept "to Contribute for Human Health(cells) / Human Life ,and to Environment-Friendly".

"Unique Product range" and the high level of "Amorphous technologies" which CALFA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. has are using several business industries in the new environmental market as a market leader.


The Environment

  CALFA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. take pride in innovative product developping to keep beautiful environment.  (against Water, Air , Soil ) and Human health also. Heman Health and Environmental considerations are the most important to develop new product and integral part of business practice. Care has been taken to ensure that from the earliest stages of product design through to manufacturing, high level of "Amorphous technologies" of CALFA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. has been utilised to help reduce the damages on the environment.

Five areas of particular attention are:

  • NOT danger for Human Body , or Health
  • Recyclable
  • Power Energy Efficiency
  • Help to reduce toxic gas several industries release - CO2 , or something "Greenhouse Gas"
  • Monitoring Biodiversity