CALFA BAS is New Generation Water Treatment for cooling tower-cooling system-water chiller to save Water and Energy
"CALFA BAS" is water treatment preparation friendly to the Environment, and which Conditioner for the circular cooling system accorded in the ISO14001. "CALFA BAS" is an inorganic product, economical, safe and easy to handle with remarkable effects, replacing the management of the circular cooling water by organic compound chemicals.


Water and Energy are an limited resource of energy availablity in different forms.

They are extracted from natural resources, thus providing convenience to everyone.

Why are water and energy so important? It's really simple for us.

The cost of energy rises, it leads to environmental pollution and global warming. It causes the rise of seal level and the temperature rise ,and the price of energy keeps increasing. Pbviously, water is more important for our life.

We can not live without Pure Water of course.
98% of the water on the earth is the "SEA" water, 1.7% is Icebergs ,ONLY 0.007% is "DRINKABLE".

The progressing of Environmental Protection and Industrial Prosperity.
Now, We are looking for some business partners at overseas companies to make a good partnership to expand both business, and to offer "TOP VALUE" to your customers with appropriate management controls regarding keeping good condition of the cooling tower systems they have.

Besides, We're surely confident that installing CALFA BAS & CALFA SAT helps for "Water saving" and "Energy Saving" from our much successful experiences in Japan and all over the world. also "Environmentally Friendly" , "The wastewater is not polluted" as well. We're sure it's "TOP VALUE" for your customers , for all creatures living on the earth together.
so to speak,

It's the high growth potential of the water treatment solution as the water conditioner for 21st Century.

You can expand your business with CALFA BAS , you can contribute to keep beautiful earth with CALFA BAS. 

It does not matter if your company would be small or big. Of course, any foregift, deposit are not needed.

We are waiting for your contact us without any hesitation ,and We will do the BEST efforts to support you how to manage with our products kindly and carefully if you were one of our good Partners.

Standard Insatllation Places
Installing CALFA SAT
* (There are some exclusive distributors, or partnership companies that depends on the location. Please ask it to us.)
We welcome to contact us from all of the world!