CALFA BAS is New Generation Water Treatment for cooling tower-cooling system-water chiller to save Water and Energy
"CALFA BAS" is water treatment preparation friendly to the Environment, and which Conditioner for the circular cooling system accorded in the ISO14001. "CALFA BAS" is an inorganic product, economical, safe and easy to handle with remarkable effects, replacing the management of the circular cooling water by organic compound chemicals.

Red tide is recognized widely as one of natural phenomena from long time ago. But recently, Red tide is taken up as an important social issue for fishery damage to restructuring. Red tide is easy to generate in seawater melted a large quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater of our life. The number of plankton multiply in season from spring to summer. Since the color of the seawater turns red, planktons multiplies in large quantities, and red tide is generated. As for disappearing inhabited creature in the seawater due to red tide generated, Oxygen in the seawater decreases rapidly, there is big influence on creature or fishery that all thing to depend on. According to reports, Generating of red tide is increasing gradually in recent years. It's definitely ECO-system destruction. So, what is the main factor of generating red tide?

Red Tide as the cause by concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus increases due to "Eutrophication", or for inland waters and rain salt by lowering such as physical stimulation. Eutrophication is caused by melting too much nutrition into the seawater. (nourishment) As for the element is "Nitrogen" and "Phosphorus", from household wastewater(life drainage) or, used chemical fertilizers from agricultural land, and, Traditional organic compound water treatment for cooling tower has based on such elements. So to speak, the activity of we human being generates red tide, and ocean environment getting worse. In order that when a red tide is generated, environment takes a sudden turning, and gives serious damage for living creatures in the area. In particular, The areas doing cultivation get terrible damage. Generating red tide leads to a lack of oxygen in water, planktons stuck on gills of fishes, The fishes eat poisoned

planktons and die, giving serious harm to fishery. also, the most serious problem is "scattering water" and "drainage" from cooling tower systems because of that quantities. Simply explain "What" and "Why" conventional water treatment chemicals are used into water of cooling.
The conventional water treatment chemicals in cooling towers are made from several mixed chemicals to prevent "Scaling Formation", and "corrosion", It's "conventional organic compound chemicals" or its composition based on "Organic Phosphorus Compounds"(OPC)s. Do you know how serious this? In other words, Organic phosphorus compound is added by themselves, feed nutrition to bacteria for their growth, on the other hand, adding sterilizing chemicals to kill them at the same time. This is the "Candy" and "Whip"? These mixed organic compound chemical's water are released to the atmosphere as steam, and drained as sewage.

Also, "Organic Phosphorus compound"(OPC)s chemicals are used as "Insecticides". In field of agriculture, Each Goverment of country or commitee started banning to use it when the latest studying found it. However, Water treatment still used for cooling towers ,and splashed a large numbers of Organic Phosphours Compound Chemicals from towers.

However, Water treatment Chemicals field still using for cooling towers for Anti-Scaling, Anti-Corrosion ,and splashed a large numbers of Organic Phosphorus Compound Chemicals from towers to residential districts, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants or all around of cities. The organic phosphorus compound chemicals are a general classification of agents that includes not only the military grade nerve agents for chemical weapons (Sarin, Tabun, Soman, VX-gas).
Nowadays, a lot of studies have been reported that "Multiple chemical sensitivity" by organic phosphorus compound chemicals. Most of people don't know how dangerous Conventional Water Treatment Chemicals contained Organic Phosphorus against human health.
Toxicity from exposure to the OPCs may occur through inhalation, ingestion, transdermal absorption, ocular absorption, or intravascular injection. Minimal dermal or ocular exposures to nerve agents may produce isolated local effects; however, systemic absorption may occur in higher doses. Environmental conditions such as ambient temperature at the time of exposure, as well as type of clothing worn by the individual, can affect an agent's volatility and rates of dermal absorption.

The mechanism of action of all OPCs, including the military grade nerve agents (nerve agents) is functional inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE). In normal cholinergic transmission, the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine (ACh), is released into the synapse in response to an action potential reaching the terminal end of a cholinergic neuron.
It's different types of cooling towers and conditions, but Let me explain how much OPCs mixed chemical exposed with simple calculation.

If there is 100RT a small cooling tower on the roof of office building, Loss water would "0.1%" against the circulating water by Drain, Evapolation, Splashed. Estimated circulation of loss water is about 78 tons per hour. If this cooling tower operated for six hours per day,

78,000 (l) * 0.001 (0.1%) * 6 (hour) = "468 liters"

In other words, "468 liters" of "water mixture containing organophosphate chemicals," has been exposed to the atmosphere.
We have succeeded in the development of CALFA BAS , which is made only from the Inorganic Compounds, an epoch-making development that has completely replaced the "Organic Phosphorus compound"(OPC)s chemicals in near future.

The "CALFA BAS" is a superior "Cleaning System Conditioner", which suppresses the occurrence of scale and slime, featuring by its preventing, exfoliating, and dissolving effects on scale, rust prevention, and antimicrobial effects. The performance of the "CALFA BAS" has already acquired high reputation, indication the broad range of its application.

The "CALFA BAS" is not simply a water treatment preparation. It definitely contributes to save energy and water you spend, also leads to keep the beautiful environment and NO toxic for human bodies and Health as well. It must be used as a " New Generation water Treatment" of the whole cooling tower system of yours. Around 45 days long after installed, Scale are removed slowly, but steadily. because The method of CALFA BAS is not to dissolve any scale such as using "Strong Acid". but Instead, it has NO "SIDE EFFECT" to your cooling towers.

Human, Animals, Plants, Fishes, Clean Air, Pure water, or other any atmosphere living together. If more people can imagine the world such so, We believe we can make it.